"I have to say they have never been so enthusiastic about a holiday club before!  It's definitely a winner and we have recommended to several of our friends."

— Mrs Cole


"My son attended his first holiday camp this week and I wanted to write to say a huge thank you.  He LOVED it, all of it, and to quote him 'if ever there is anything to do with sports club just book me in, don't wait to ask me, I'll always say yes!'  That's me told! So thank you all very much indeed and I'll definitely do as I'm told and booking him in for future camps!"

— Mrs Hunt


“Imperium Sports Coaching is an outstanding sports club.

I have two boys aged 8 and 9 that attend and absolutely love going and enjoy every session.

Mr Latham and Mr Chart are brilliant with the children and make all of the activities fun and interesting while teaching my boys new sports and keeping them fit and healthy

In my boys own words - they are awesome!”